introducing a new option for transporting your purchases:


When you check out, we’ll ask, “Do you have your own bag, do you want a box, or would you like to get a bag?”


IT’S FREE! • It’s Resourceful
They’re handy • They’re sturdy
They come in a variety of sizes
They’re easily recyclable • They’re reusable
It’s useful & kind of fun too!
Bags cost you .10 each, and they cost us .17 each.
Thats a real lose/lose.

Check it out at checkout – ask about getting a free box instead.

Some FAQs

Are you charging me for the box?


I don’t want a box, do I have to take one?

No. You can still use reusable bags, or get one of our bags, or use none at all. It’s just another option. 

Why did this start?

We recycle a lot of perfectly good boxes. We also spend a ton of money on paper bags. We also hate waste, and love to be resourceful, and use reusables. 

It was inspired by our colleagues, New Moon Natural Foods, in Tahoe & Truckee, and we thought it was a great idea.

Can I bring my own box?

Sure, if that works for you. Maybe boxes are the new bags?  

Do you want my boxes?

Sorry, we have enough of our own. 

What kind of boxes do you have?

Many different kinds really; produce boxes, packaging boxes, boxes we get boxes of products and supplies in, etc. 

How long will you be doing this?

As long as it works out for you and us alike.